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Home Interior Party Success – How to Increase Bookings

If you have a home interior party set up but you don’t have anymore on the calendar then you need to fill it up. There are many ways to book additional parties and the way to be the most successful is to schedule as many as you can. The best ways to encourage guests to want to hold a home party is by continuously reminding them at the party, when they make purchases, and even offering additional incentives.Many of the guests that attend a home interior party don’t always know that you can hold one at their house. You must remind them that anyone can hold a party and you are more than happy to come to their home too. The great thing is that each guest will have their own set of friends, which will allow you to meet new people and expand your customer base. Always let the guests know on a couple of different occasions they can hold their own party at their house. The best times to do this are when they mention that their mother or one of their friends would have absolutely loved the items you are selling.When the guests make purchases of the products you sell, this is an excellent time to provide a reminder that they can book a day with you for their own event. If you have already said it enough then you should slip a reminder along with the receipt in the bag. This reminder can be in the form of a business card with your contact information. Make sure the card tells them to book their next event.One very easy way to get bookings is to let everyone know about the incentives you are offering to the host of the home interior party you are holding that night. Many people will allow the host to have first pick of one free item from the product inventory and also allow all purchases to be made at 50% off or another discount. When you offer incentives to the host you have to let all of the guests know that they are getting the great rates and they can get them too when they hold their own party. You may also offer to guests up to 10% off on their purchases at the party if they book with you their own home interior party. Many people immediately put their name on a date if they can get an instant discount on their purchases.Booking additional parties is really simple to do while you are currently holding a home interior party. It is very important to show the guests the big discounts and incentives they can get when they hold their own event. Guests are usually very responsive when they see they can save money and get free products. You want to be sure your calendar is always full. This will ensure you make the most money with your home party business and you expand your customer base.